The Labels

DAMDAM Recordings

Logo of DAMDAM Recordings
The idea for DAMDAM Recordings came into my mind in early 2019. At this moment I had just finished a whole bunch of new tracks. While they sounded so different, I decided to establish a new label for them. Some of the tracks might have been mastered not quite right. But at the end of the day, I brought out something new and maybe did inspire some other people’s work. I think I got this attitude from the late Mark E. Smith, who used to be the lead singer of British indie band The Fall.

Kamarad Meyer Musik

Logo Kamarad Meyer Musik
The story of Kamarad Meyer Musik [KMM] began in 2015. when I released 3 alternative songs with the digital single Sonnenlicht. Right after that, I had a couple of great remixes, friends had done for me but no label. And so the first official release on KMM was a remix compilation for the songs. As a teenager, I was exploring the magic sound of record labels such as Factory Records, Warp Records, Axis Records, etc. I guess that was the time when I began to think about running a music label for underground techno music one day.

Sven Musik

Logo of Sven Musik
Sven Musik was born after I have bought myself a Behringer TD-3. I could synchronize or record the output of the silver plastic box into my favorite DAW Reason 10. Since then, my sound has become rawer and spontaneously. And that’s what I like a lot. I will release those tracks on Bandcamp only.